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Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

We are firmly grounded in our philosophy that a space should be delineated only by form, function and the utility of living. To provide truly authentic results for our clients, we never adapt a prefabricated system to work for the space. With meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, hand-selected materials and the use of furniture-quality joinery, we design and build each piece to perfectly suit the lifestyle and aesthetics of each client.

We now offer three options for superior cabinetry:

Signature Series by The Webhannet Co. for when you want that certain look and feel of truly custom cabinetry. We have been producing custom cabinetry for years in Northern New England. Let us take your dream and turn it into reality.

Legacy Series by Imperia has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing custom cabinets since 1965. Styles from Traditional to Contemporary, in solid wood or veneer, meet every need and expectation.

Eco-Friend Series by PureKitchen exclusively uses local manufacturers and safe and renewable materials. Built in New England, every effort is made to lessen the ecological footprint of its cabinetry.

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